The character of the Chippewa woman in the poem The Forsaken and Will’s mom—Rose in Medicine River are both great mothers. Aside from the fact that both women are single mother who just happen to be aboriginal, they have many similar qualities for a great mom. Both women scarify their lives to take care of their children and both do their best to make life better for them, even if their children didn’t really appreciate the love and care that the mothers give them. The Chippewa woman baits with her flesh just to have enough breast milk to feed her child; Rose sacrifices her personal time to work more to support the family.

What makes the Chippewa woman’s story sadder is that she was still valiant and unshaken even if the child she protects with her life abandons her in the wilderness. She accepts that fact peacefully then embraces her own death. While in Rose’s case, though Will leaves Medicine River and his family behind and doesn’t want to look back, he still regret that he can not be there for his mother when she dies and he often think of Rose.


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